Jerram Gallery – 01935 815 261

Call Jerram Gallery on their Dorset rate telephone number 01935 815 261 to contact a member of the curatorial team about the prices of any paintings or sculptures that are currently being exhibited.


About Jerram Gallery

Jerram Gallery is a Dorset based gallery that is known for exhibiting established artists along with the work of emerging local talent from the South West of England. The Gallery has developed a reputation for displaying painting and sculpture by eminent British Contemporary Artists in regular exhibitions held throughout the year. Customers can also request exhibition catalogues in advance to any upcoming exhibit to inform any purchases. Jerram offers its customers a popular export service as part of its sales policy meaning that buyers will be able to ship any artworks abroad.


How to Find the Gallery

Jerram Gallery is located in the market town of Sherborne in Dorset and is accessible by road or by train. For instance Sherborne train station is on the London Waterloo to Exeter line, taking 2 hours from the UK capital. Jerram Gallery is a short walk from the train station and a car park for customers who drive.


Jerram Gallery General Enquiries – 01935 815 261

Call Jerram Gallery on their customer enquiries telephone number 01935 815 261 to contact a curatorial assistant about the artworks that are available for purchase. For instance callers can enquire which of the paintings or sculptures that are listed in the exhibition catalogue are still for sale. Alternatively if you would like to request the gallery’s exhibition catalogues to be delivered to your address then you can do so when using the above number.

Furthermore if you are a prospective customer who would like to reserve a piece at the Jerram Gallery then you should contact the head curator before also arranging a viewing in person. Callers can also discuss the prices of the artworks over the telephone, as the gallery may be able to offer you a deal on your purchase. However it is advised that you arrange a consultation with a curator or art dealer before proceeding to buy a painting or sculpture from Jerram. Furthermore if you would prefer not to pay the total cost of a piece of art upfront then you can use the above number to discuss any alternative payment options such as splitting the cost over a number of months.


Jerram Gallery – Additional Services – 01935 815 261

You should phone Jerram Gallery on their main contact number 01935 815 261 to enquire about the complete range of services available to customers. For instance if you would like to export a piece of art to an international address then a representative from the gallery will be able to inform you of the necessary insurance and cost of postage. Furthermore the gallery can advise customers on the best art restorers if they would like to conserve a painting or watercolour. You should even call the Gallery if you are an artist who would like to discuss the possibility of submitting your own work but will also need to send a follow up email with images of your painting or sculpture to a Jerram representative.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Jerram Gallery customer enquiries helpline uses a 01 contact number that charges callers the standard per-minute rate as any other local call made from a UK mobile or landline telephone. However you may be able to contact the gallery for free if you are using up any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your network provider. The Dorset gallery is open for calls during the hours of 9.30am-5pm Monday to Saturday.


Other Ways to Contact the Gallery


Email Jerram

You may prefer to make your enquiry online or wish to send any pictures in support of an application to be an exhibited artist at the Gallery, and can do so when using the official Jerram email address:


Online Contact Form

Alternative you may find an answer for a simple query about any works of art on display when using the Jerram Gallery Online Contact Form found on their official website.


Write to the Gallery

You should take note of the Gallery’s postal address if you would prefer to make a formal written complaint or if you need help finding the Gallery via a GPS device: Jerram Gallery, Half Moon Street, Sherborne, Dorset, DT9 3LN, United Kingdom.