Frank Herring & Sons: 01305 264 449

You can call Frank Herring & Sons on the contact number of their Dorset store 01305 264 449 for telephone advice on how to best use any art products you have bought, for information about the supplies they currently stock or to ask if there are any ongoing deals on their specialist weaving equipment.


Store Telephone number 01305 264 449

You should contact Frank Herring & Sons on their store telephone number 01305 264 449 for any questions about the range of art supplies available for sale. For instance, you should get in touch to enquire whether they have a particular brand in stock. Alternatively, customers can call the art store to order in an special item, such as canvas of a particular size or dimension. Moreover, you can use this number to reserve such item to collect during your next visit. Callers should use the number listed above for directions to the Dorchester store or for information about their opening times during the holiday period.

If you are an amateur artist then you should call Frank Herring & Sons for recommendations on the supplies needed to get started with your craft. This is because a representative from the Dorset-based art and crafts shop can detail any current offers on brush sets, paint as well as easels. However, if you would prefer to use a different medium, you can ask about the availability of modelling goods or even weaving accessories available. Furthermore, customers can contact the store to order an Artist’s Materials Catalogue to be sent to their home address.

The Dorchester based store will accept returns but it is recommended to call in advance to detail what is wrong with your item before a refund will be issued. Alternatively, you may wish to contact Frank Herring for information about any art classes, or workshops in the Dorset area so that you can develop your craft with other local artists.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

Phone numbers with the a local rate area code will charge the same per-minute rate as any geographic call made from a UK landline or mobile phone. However, you may be able to contact Frank Herring for free if you have a landline deal with free calls to local numbers or if your mobile tariff comes with inclusive free minutes. The art supplies shop is available to take calls during their opening hours: 8.45am-5.15pm Monday to Saturday with lines closed on Sundays.


Visit the Store

Customers who would like help finding Frank Herring & Sons can use the above number to ask for directions from a Dorchester point of interest or input the postal address listed below in their car’s SatNav device:

Frank Herring & Sons,
27 High West Street,
DT1 1UP,
United Kingdom.