Dansel Gallery – 01305 871 515

Call Dansel Gallery on their main general enquiries contact number 01305 871 515 to purchase any wooden furniture pieces or art works listed on their online gallery or to ask for their Weymouth address so that you can arrange a viewing in person.


About the Gallery

Dansel Gallery is located in Weymouth, Dorset, exhibiting and selling handmade home interiors made from wood. The gallery has a reputation of representing the unique work from designers from throughout the United Kingdom, whom each specialise in woodwork. Dorset now has a collection of pieces from over 200 artists, from jewellery to home furniture, lamps and even kitchenware such as bowls and platters.


Store Enquiries – 01305 871 515

Call Dansel Gallery on their store enquiries contact number 01305 871 515 if you would like to discuss a purchase over the phone. For instance, if you have spotted a particular piece of wood art on Dansel’s Online Gallery┬áthen you discuss how to complete an order over the phone. Alternatively, you may prefer to ask for recommendations if you would like to order an art piece or woodwork as a gift before asking if Dansel provides any gift wrapping services. Similarly, callers can ask for further information about any of the artists featured at Dansel and may wish to enquire if they can commission a particular artwork to be made.

Although some customers may wish to make a purchase when speaking to a gallery representative, it is recommended that you use this number to arrange a viewing at the Dansel Gallery for any expensive items. By the same token, you should call Dansel Gallery to ask for a delivery estimate if your item is being sent by mail order and has not yet arrived. However, is recommended that customers purchase postal insurance to protect against any damage to expensive artworks during transit. Finally, you should call the Dansel contact number to enquire about the date of any upcoming exhibitions that showcase the work of their contributors and can book a place at such events when buying a ticket over the phone.


Call Costs and Contact Hours

The Dansel Gallery contact number uses a geographic area code meaning that will callers will only be charged the standard per-minute rate as for any local call from a UK mobile or landline. You can even get in touch for free if you have any leftover inclusive free minutes offered by your service provider when you make your call. You can contact the gallery during their opening hours of 10am-5.30pm Monday to Sunday from March to October, and 10am-5.00pm every day from November to March excluding Christmas Day and Boxing Day.


Email Dansel

If you would like to contact Dansel Gallery outside of their telephone hours then you can send an email enquiry to the following address danielle@danselgallery.co.uk before being sent a reply when they next open.


Visit the Gallery

It is recommended that you visit Dansel Gallery to view any items in person before making a purchase, and customers should therefore take note of their Dorset postal address as follows:

Rodden Row,
DT3 4JL,
United Kingdom.